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Tornallás, is our first album. It is also the result of these years of hope for all the kids / as band and students of the School, that continue to be the link that connects the rich musical tradition of Llanes Council with the future of it. They is dedicated.

 Topics included in this record:

-. Tornallás.                                   -. L´enrame
-. Llaniscos.                                  -. El Remediu.
-. Les Muñeres.                            -. Filispardi
-. The Clumsy lover´s reel.          -. El Pericote
-. El Barqueru.
-. La Panderetera.

It is often said that the contributors are in the background. In this case, it is enough for us to confess that they are all people we admire and from whom we learned to love Asturian music. What these phenomena have?.

Thanks for the work, effort, enthusiasm and your presence on this record.


-.RUBÉN BADA -bouzouki , violín y guitarra
XUAN NEL EXPÓSITO - curdión diatónica
MARCOS LLOPE - flauta travesera y voz
ELIAS GARCÍA - bouzouki
XOSE A . FDEZ (AMBÁS) - voz y percusiones
MARTA ELOLA - bodhram, panderu y voz
IGOR MEDIO - bouzouki
ELENA ÁLVAREZ - voz y panderu
-.ANTÓN BARQUERO - percusiones
-.HORACIO A. GARCÍA - contrabajo y guitarra
TANA - batería y percusiones


Estudios : TUTO de Corvera;
Productor: Rubén Bada
Diseño: Antón Barquero

Llacín Gaites Band, wants to keep the memory of Igor Middle contributor to this musical work, part of the folk group "Felpeyu" and unfortunately died on June 24, 2006 in a traffic accident.